Nick Savage

Musician Educator Consultant

LINC to Music, LLC provides education,  production and consultation for students and event coordinators.



Every educational institution aims to give the highest quality education they can, LINC Ed, provides schools high school and college music programs with supplemental curriculums to ensure the programs are going above and beyond today's education standards. 


Every show producer aims to create a clean cut production with little to no errors, right? LINC offers musical direction by way of scoring, arranging, directing, contracting musicians and cultivating a look/feel that connects live music(ians) with any themed event. 


Some coordinators aren't sure what they want from a live band or why they should hire a band over a DJ. They do know the days of plug 'n play music is over. When the music doesn't connect with the "Big Idea" your audience or company members are missing something. LINC offers consultation and direction for intertwining bands and themes from trivia's night to large corporate convention entertainment.